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Martin Indra (Indy)

Digital Extinction Update #2

This is the December edition of the monthly technical update of Digital Extinction.

During the last month, Vrixyz made a small contribution and has become the first contributor other than myself. Thank you!

LarsDu contributed a new tank model in PR #278, but it still requires some love before it can be merged.

Here is the summary of the changes since the last update. It consists of commit range ffd5987..494096b (2022-11-03–2022-11-27). There were 75 non-merge commits in total.

Digital Extinction Update #1

In the past seven months, I have been working on Digital Extinction a real-time strategy game. Recently, I have decided that it is time to open the repository and the source code under the GPLv3 license.

From now on, I plan to regularly write a post about recent updates and news from the game development. This is the first one.