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Martin Indra (Indy)

Digital Extinction Update #12

This is the October edition of the monthly technical update for Digital Extinction (GitHub).

Here is a summary of the changes since our last update, consisting of commit range 0202976..ab3ba9b. In total, there were 32 non-merge commits.

The most notable updates include:

  • game website at was redesigned,
  • PoC support of end-to-end multiplayer games was finalized,
  • a public DE Lobby and DE Connector servers were deployed.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

The PoC is the initial milestone in the Digital Extinction roadmap. It includes the bare minimum features needed to for an end-to-end multiplayer game.

Once the PoC version is complete, we will work in numbered runs, each addressing several of the top-priority issues.

This month, we came very close to completing the PoC. Players can already engage in multiplayer games. However, several crucial improvements and fixes are still needed before we can conclude this milestone.