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Martin Indra (Indy)

Digital Extinction Update #8

This is the June edition of the monthly technical update for Digital Extinction (GitHub).

JackCrumpLeys has become a new contributor 🎉.

Here is a summary of the changes since our last update, consisting of commit range 34e50a1..dc6e7a8. In total, there were 19 non-merge commits.

The most notable updates include:

  • a lot of progress has been made on multiplayer networking,
  • logging to file and other logging improvements.

While the mentioned changes may not be immediately visible to end users, they are essential parts of our path toward a proof-of-concept (PoC) version of the game.

We are nearing the PoC milestone. The last significant block of work remaining is the multiplayer feature. Therefore, a large part of our current effort is directed towards that.


As we are closing in on the PoC, it is becoming increasingly important to replace the current placeholder artwork with something more appropriate. We are seeking artists who are willing to assist us in this area. This includes:

  • overall artistic style, a concept,
  • in-game 3D models, textures and animations,
  • 2D game UI,
  • a logo, banner, and similar,
  • design of the official website at