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Martin Indra (Indy)

Digital Extinction Update #3

This is the January edition of the monthly technical update of Digital Extinction.

This month's update is somewhat smaller but there has been some important progress in multiplayer.

Here is the summary of the changes since the last update. It consists of commit range 28d1fce..3dbac4e (2022-12-02–2022-12-29). There were 26 non-merge commits in total.

The most notable updates are:

  • game configuration is loaded from a file,
  • a simple game lobby server has been created,
  • a Bevy plugin with the lobby client has been implemented,
  • several minor community, infrastructure, and other improvements have been done.


Game configuration is loaded from a YAML file stored in the user's configuration directory. Currently, only the camera and the lobby server URL can be configured.

There is not yet any configuration GUI, the configuration YAML file must be created and modified manually. See the documentation for more details.


The lobby server exposes a REST API. The server has been designed to have minimum dependencies as it has simple IaM and a database (SQLite) build in. The server does not yet natively support HTTPS and does not yet implement UDP hole-punching rendezvous. See the documentation for more details.