Moon Games is development team. We are interested in creating software, digital art, in hacking and other scientific, technologic or artistic activities.

We distrubite almost every work under free (liberal) licenses (GPL, CC, ...) in concern of contribute to whole community.

We will appreciate any kind of cooperation. You can contact us if you are interested in joining to any of our projects.

Our e-mail is "mg at mgn.cz", but you also can write us on Jabber Indy2222@jabbim.cz.

Here is list of current Moon Games members, ex-contributors and for MG iportant people. Petr Aubrecht, Thang Do, Cyril Filcík, Martin Indra, Petr Tománek, Luboš Uhliarik.


15-03-2012 by Indy

We created our personal web-pages. You can find it at name-surname.mgn.cz. Or up are links.

17-07-2011 by Indy

We opened TeaWiki web. It's web for sharing informations mainly about tearooms, smoking of hookahs and similar eastern traditions. Web is based on wiki system. Check it on http://teawiki.mgn.cz/ .

17-07-2011 by Indy

We created new software, it's web application for shortening URL. Application name I-Curl. Application web page is http://i-curl.mgn.cz/ and it's installated on http://s.mgn.cz/.


thumbnail of web Collab (http://collab.mgn.cz/)


Colab is toll for drawing via internet.

thumbnail of web Digital Extinction (http://de-game.mgn.cz/)

Digital Extinction

Digital Extinction is 3D real-time war strategy distributed under free license. Game is created in Java language so it's multiplatform.

thumbnail of web Digital Extinction (old) (http://de.mgn.cz/)

Digital Extinction (old)

Unfinished and old version of DE. Nowdays we are developing another version.

thumbnail of web JTux (http://jtux.mgn.cz/)


Simple shoothing game similar to game Bulánci. Created in Java (it's multiplatform). Distributed under free license.

thumbnail of web Go (http://go.mgn.cz/)


Go is java computer game.

thumbnail of web IT dictionary (http://its.mgn.cz/)

IT dictionary

Large dictionary of IT terms.

thumbnail of web I-Curl (http://i-curl.mgn.cz/)


Simple software for shortening URL adresses. Distributed under free license.

thumbnail of web URL shortener (http://s.mgn.cz/)

URL shortener

URL shortener (instalation of I-Curl).

thumbnail of web TeaWiki (http://teawiki.mgn.cz/)


Wiki system for sharing information between fans of tearooms, hookahs and other east-customs.

thumbnail of web Moon Games softs (http://softs.mgn.cz/)

Moon Games softs

List of small softwares (which hasn't own web) from authors from Moon Games.

thumbnail of web Society (http://society.mgn.cz/)


Research of society. Social experiments, questionnaires, statistics…

thumbnail of web Indy's blog (http://i-blog.mgn.cz/)

Indy's blog

Personal blog of programmer and one of main authors in Moon Games.

thumbnail of web Euroleon (http://euroleon.mgn.cz/)


Blog of digital artist Euroleon (sometimes Filcna).

thumbnail of web Péťa's blog (http://peta.mgn.cz/)

Péťa's blog

Blog of one of the founders of Moon Games. I handle with pictures (drawing, computer graphics, etc.), programing and a little with poems in Czech language.

thumbnail of web Indy's photoblog (http://indy.mgn.cz/)

Indy's photoblog

Photoblog of programmer and one of main authors in Moon Games.

thumbnail of web Padmin's blog (http://padmin.mgn.cz/)

Padmin's blog

Web design, photo-manipulations and photography.

thumbnail of web Weby (http://weby.mgn.cz/)


Production of professional websites and web design.